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Invest in Personalized Mental Health Care with MindSmith.

Expert Mental Health Consultations.

Personalized Support.

Tailored Solutions.

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Cultivate Mental Wellness for a Thriving Life.

At MindSmith, we believe in nurturing your mental well-being to unlock your potential for a life that's both successful & deeply fulfilling.


Talk to a certified counselor if you keep balancing things all the time in Your Life.

Starts at 999/- for 15 mins


Talk to highly qualified Therapists if you are just surviving through Life.

Starts at 500/- for 15 mins


Talk to renowned Doctors if you feel you are going through a crisis in Life.

Starts at 2500/- for 15 mins

I don't know

It is okay, take an assessment to find what Your unique Brain needs.

Start now at 499/- only

100,000+ Lives Transformed

(Full Names not disclosed to maintain client confidentiality. All testimonials have been permitted for Social use.)

Happy People equals Happy Business


Aditi, 22/F, Bangalore

"MindSmith came into my life at a time when anxiety was making it hard to even leave the house. My Doctor at MindSmith was fantastic - they listened carefully and helped me develop coping mechanisms that actually work. Now, I can finally face the world again. Thanks, MindSmith!"


Sameer, 48/M, Chennai

"I'd been dealing with work stress for years, and it was starting to affect my health. Talking to a psychologist at MindSmith was a lifesaver. They helped me identify unhealthy habits and develop a plan to manage stress effectively. I feel so much better now, both physically and mentally."


Priya, 16/F, Pune

"School can be tough, especially when you're dealing with teenage drama on top of everything else. My therapist at MindSmith helped me navigate those rough patches and develop a healthy self-esteem. I feel much more confident now, thanks to MindSmith."


Krish, 32/M, Kolkata

"I was in a really dark place after losing my job. Talking to a counselor at MindSmith helped me process my grief and develop a plan to get back on my feet. Their support system was incredible, and I don't know where I'd be without them."


Anjali, 58/F, Hyderabad

"Going through menopause was a rollercoaster of emotions. My therapist at MindSmith helped me understand what was happening to my body and mind, and gave me tools to manage the symptoms. I feel like I'm back in control of my life, thanks to MindSmith."


Vikram, 58/M, Sydney (From Delhi)

"Retiring in Australia has been a dream come true, but it also brought feelings of isolation and a lack of purpose. Connecting with experts at MindSmith who understood the challenges of Indian immigrants was incredibly helpful.  They helped me explore new hobbies and connect with the local Indian community. Feeling much more fulfilled now, thanks to MindSmith."


Arjun, 42/M, Mumbai (working in Dubai)

"Working long hours overseas can take a toll on your mental health. Taking expert help via video chat was so convenient. They helped me manage work-life balance and develop strategies to combat burnout. I feel much more energized and focused now, thanks to MindSmith."


Zara, 20/F, Noida (studying in London)

"Being an international student can be isolating, and the cultural differences can be tough. Talking to MindSmith people online was a lifesaver. They helped me adjust to a new environment and develop strategies to combat loneliness. I feel much more settled now, thanks to MindSmith."


Aisha, 40/F, New York (From Kolkata)

"Raising children in a foreign country can be a balancing act. I was struggling to navigate cultural differences and bridge the generation gap with my teenage daughter. Family therapy at MindSmith helped us communicate more effectively and understand each other's perspectives. We feel much closer as a family now, thanks to MindSmith."


Ishaan, 37/M, Singapore

"Since moving to Singapore for work, I've felt a constant pressure to succeed. It led to anxiety and sleep problems. Talking to Dr. Satyen at MindSmith virtually was a game-changer. He helped me understand my triggers and develop relaxation techniques that actually work. Now, I can finally switch off and enjoy my life here, thanks to MindSmith."


Rohan, 60/M, Mauritius (From Punjab)

"My grandparents came to Mauritius as indentured laborers generations ago. While we've assimilated into Mauritian culture, there's still a lingering sense of displacement. Counseling sessions with MindSmith have been incredibly helpful. Sharing experiences with experts who understand our unique challenges has been a relief. Feeling more connected to my roots and the wider Indian diaspora, thanks to MindSmith."


Leena, 21/F, London (From Chennai)

"Being a third-generation Indian in London can be confusing sometimes. I felt caught between two cultures, never quite fitting in anywhere. Talking to MindSmith helped me embrace my heritage and develop a strong sense of self. I'm proud of my Indian background, but I'm also comfortable being British. Thank you Sindhu!"

Not sure what do you need right now?

As per Economic Times, only an estimated 10-12% of those suffering from mental illness actually seek help. Be in the top 10% and take the first step towards understanding what your mental wellness needs are, and how we can help you live a happier life.

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