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Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or lost?
Get the support you need.

You're not alone.
Millions of people in India struggle with mental health challenges, but there's help available. At MindSmith, we connect you with experienced psychiatrists who can guide you towards a happier, healthier you.

Scientific, Evidence Based Treatment Plans

Statistics from a recent Harvard Medical School report published in July 2023 suggest that 1 in 2 people will experience some form of mental health condition in their lifetime.  That's a significant number, and it highlights the importance of seeking effective treatment.

Why Choose MindSmith for
Your Mental Health Journey?

At MindSmith, we understand that mental health concerns are real and treatable.  We utilize evidence-based treatment plans, grounded in scientific research and proven methods, to help you achieve lasting positive change.  Don't wait to feel better –  contact us today and take control of your mental well-being.

People centric care

 We don't just address the surface issues. We utilize advanced diagnostics and a personalized approach to identify and address the underlying causes of your mental health struggles, leading to long-term solutions.

Proprietary Tools

Our in-house diagnostic tool goes beyond traditional methods. This innovative technology provides a deeper understanding of your unique situation, allowing our team to create the most effective treatment plan possible.

Tech Enabled

We leverage technology to personalize your treatment journey.  Our advanced tools allow us to tailor a plan that seamlessly integrates with your lifestyle and preferences, maximizing results and convenience.

The Top Team

Our team comprises of the nation's leading psychiatrists, renowned for their expertise and dedication to patient well-being.  You'll benefit from the experience and insights of the best minds in Indian mental healthcare.

We Treat

Anxiety Disorders

(Generalized Anxiety, Panic, Social Anxiety)
Depression and other Mood Disorders
Psychosis and Schizophrenia
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Neuro Cognitive Disorders (Autism, etc)

Eating and Impulse control Disorders

Attention Deficit Disorders

Addiction and Substance use

Sleep Disorders

Sexual Dysfunctions

Relationship Issues

Stress Management

Dr. Satyen Sharma

Trained by the esteemed Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC, Pune), Dr. Satyen is the CEO and Co-Founder of MindSmith. As a second-generation Psychiatrist from Punjab, he has treated 27000+ people successfully.

David Singh, Melbourne (Australia) (45 year old architect)

"Migrating to Australia was a big adjustment. The cultural shift and pressure at work led to insomnia and irritability. Dr. Satyen (recommended by a fellow Indian expat) helped me understand the root cause of my stress and develop healthy coping mechanisms. His approachable nature and cultural sensitivity made me feel comfortable opening up. I'm sleeping better and feeling more optimistic about my life here."

Sita Sharma, Toronto (Canada) (28 year old artist)

"Coming from a creative background, I often grapple with self-doubt and mood swings. Dr. Satyen's consultations (conducted virtually) have been a game-changer. He creates a safe space for me to express myself freely. His techniques for managing my emotions have been incredibly helpful. I feel so much more grounded and inspired now."

Vikram Das, Chennai (IT professional, 30)

"Dr. Satyen helped me overcome my social anxiety. His practical strategies and encouragement made a real difference. Now, I can confidently network and build relationships. Thanks, Dr. Satyen!"

Kavita Rao, Hyderabad (35 year old single mother)

"Being a single mom comes with its own set of challenges. Dr. Satyen helped me manage my stress and anxiety so I could be the best version of myself for my daughter. He's not just a great doctor, he's a true support system."

Arvind Joshi, Kolkata (42 year old entrepreneur)

"Dr. Satyen's guidance during a period of burnout saved my career and my sanity. He helped me create a healthier work-life balance and prioritize self-care. I feel more centered and productive than ever."

Sunil Mehta, USA (Indian-American businessman, 48)

"Living abroad can be isolating. When I went through a tough time, Dr. Satyen's online consultations provided a lifeline. He helped me find a therapist here who understood my cultural background. His willingness to go the extra mile is truly commendable."

Aisha Khan, Ahmedabad (22 year old professional)

"Dr. Satyen helped me navigate a period of intense anxiety and depression. His holistic approach and willingness to explore different treatment options were refreshing. I felt heard and understood, which made all the difference."

Priya, Pune (Caretaker for husband in opiate addiction recovery)

"Rahul's opiate addiction almost destroyed our lives. Dr. Satyen's expertise and compassionate approach gave us the support we needed. He didn't just treat Rahul, he helped us understand addiction as a family disease. We're eternally grateful for his guidance."

Aditi Sharma, Mumbai (Mother of child with Autism)

"Dr. Satyen has been a godsend for our family. My son has blossomed under his care. He listens patiently, explains things simply, and creates personalized plans that actually work. We're so grateful!"

Rohan Kapoor, Delhi (Brother of patient with a movement disorder)

"My brother struggled for years with his movement disorder. Dr. Satyen's empathy and gentle approach made a huge difference. He helped us not just with the symptoms but also the emotional toll. We truly appreciate his kindness."

Anjali and Raj Patel, Chennai (Parents of a teen with dissociative blindness)

"Finding answers for our daughter's dissociative blindness was overwhelming. Dr. Satyen took the time to understand her unique situation, going beyond the surface. It took him 30 mins to resolve the problem. We can't thank him enough."

Isabelle Dubois, France (17 year old student)

"My exam anxiety was crippling. Dr. Satyen (we met him while visiting family in India) gave me tools to manage my stress and stay focused. He was kind, accessible, and spoke English perfectly, which made everything easier. I was able to take my exams without panic, thanks to him!"

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