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Unlock Employee Potential and Boost Your ROI with EngagePro

Tired of guessing what truly motivates your workforce?

EngagePro, powered by MindSmith, is a revolutionary online assessment that goes beyond traditional methods to create a comprehensive picture of your employees' personalities, needs, and strengths.

Are you struggling to?

Attract and retain top talent?
Boost employee engagement?
Identify skill gaps and training needs?
Reduce workplace stress and burnout?

Sounds familiar?

EngagePro, a revolutionary assessment tool by MindSmith, can help!

​What is EngagePro?

EngagePro is the answer. It's a revolutionary online assessment tool powered by MindSmith that utilizes a proprietary blend of Big 5 personality traits, McClelland's Needs Theory, and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to create in-depth Employee Personas.

Big Five Personality Traits

Understand core personality dimensions impacting behavior and work style.

McClelland's Needs Theory

Identify employee's primary motivators - achievement, affiliation, or power.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Discover the needs driving employee satisfaction and fulfillment.


Employees say feeling valued motivates them to work harder. (Source: Reward Gateway)


Outperformance Ratio of Companies with engaged employees vs low engagement ones. (Source: Gallup)


Increase in engagement can result in a 3% increase in shareholder return. (Source: Aon Hewitt)

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

In today's competitive business landscape, engaged employees are the key to success. But how do you truly understand what motivates your workforce? EngagePro provides the missing piece of the puzzle.

Data Driven

Go beyond surface-level metrics by leveraging the Big 5, McClelland's Needs, and Maslow's Hierarchy to create comprehensive Employee Personas.

Detailed Report

Empower employees with personalized SWOT analyses and equip your organization with a 25+ page report packed with actionable insights.

Multilevel Analysis

Gain a deep understanding of your workforce across management levels and key departments (Sales, Marketing, IT) for targeted strategies.

Actionable Insight

Gain a comprehensive 25+ page report with data to make decisions on talent acquisition, retention, L&D programs, and employee engagement initiatives.

Disengaged Employees cost Global Economy a whopping $1 Trillion Every Year!


Increased ROI

Maximize the effectiveness of your entire HR spectrum by understanding your workforce.


Data-Centric Approach

Make informed HR decisions backed by powerful employee data.


Data-Driven Insights

Leveraging the Big 5 personality traits, McClelland's Needs Theory, and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, EngagePro generates in-depth Employee Personas.


Individualized Reports

Each employee receives a personalized report with their SWOT analysis, key traits, and core motivations.


Actionable Organizational Report

Gain a 25+ page report packed with insights on:
Traits, Training Needs, Workplace Stressors, Wellness Needs, Talent Acquisition, Talent Retention, L&D Needs, and Engagement Needs.


Multi-Level Analysis

Gain insights across management levels (top, middle, frontline) and 10 departments.


Department-Specific Insights

Get a breakdown for key departments (e.g., Sales, Marketing, IT) to tailor strategies.

Easy Process

The Button will redirect you to a simple form. It will take 2-3 minutes to complete.


Within 24 hours, our team will reach out to you to schedule a time for detailed call, following which a companywide assessment can be rolled out as per organization's convenience.


Within 24 hours of all the employees completing the assessment, a comprehensive report of 25+ pages is shared with the HR Department.


 Is Disengagement Costing Your Business Billions?

Stop Wasting Money on Disengaged Employees. Invest in Growth with EngagePro.

Traditional methods often lack the data-driven insights needed to optimize performance and maximize return on investment. EngagePro changes the game. This innovative assessment platform unlocks a wealth of employee data, empowering you to make strategic HR decisions backed by powerful insights.

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