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In a quiet suburban neighborhood, Pia embarked on a life-altering journey. She faced postpartum depression and domestic violence but never gave in to despair. Postpartum depression left her feeling isolated, and domestic violence trapped her in a nightmare. But one day, she summoned the courage to say "No"; taking her 2 year old daughter, she left the toxic environment.

Over the next 3 years, Pia rebuilt her life. She extensively researched Psychology and Psychiatry, joined support groups, and, with unwavering determination, founded MindSmith in 2022.

MindSmith is a sanctuary for those seeking to redefine their mental health. Our mission is inspired by our Founder's resilience, offering support, empathy, and a warm environment for those in need. We believe that everyone has the power to transform their life.

Welcome to MindSmith, where your healing journey begins..

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Meet the Tribe

Founder & Managing Director

19+ years of work experience

Contributor to 2 World records, multiple womenpreneur and mompreneur awards, author of a series on startup and scaleups.

Pia Singh

Pia Singh

Co-Founder & CEO

17+ years of work experience

Award winning Psychiatrist who has treated 27000+ people, active contributor to government policies and patient advocacy.

Dr. Satyen Sharma

Satyen Sharma

Co-Founder & Mentor

30+ years of experience

Most sought after Psychiatrist who has treated 20000+ people, pioneer of bringing brain health procedures to India from Harvard.

Dr. Sanjay Chugh

Sanjay Chugh

Medical Director​

17+ years of work experience

Expert in molecular Psychiatry and neurogenetics, mentor to Psychiatrists globally from NHS, GCC, etc. treated 50000+ people.

Dr. Bhaskar Mukherjee

Bhaskar Mukherjee

Head of Department - Therapy

18+ years of work experience

Trained by the Bech Institute, USA in CBT, highly effective Therapist who has treated 10000+ people.

Sindhu Wadhwa

Sindhu Wadhwa

Chief Business Officer

11+ years of work experience

Trainer and Mentor to more than 5000 people, he is a top expert in Personal branding and community led growth.

Sourabh Goyal

Sourabh Goyal

HoD - Assessments

15+ years of work experience

Masters in Social Entrepreneurship from Hult International Business School, she has counselled 100,000+ students.

Mahima Girdhar

Mahima Girdhar

Company Secretary

19+ years of work experience

Worked with Eldeco, Samsung, Intercontinental, Poly Medicure, Tamil Nadu Coke and Power Private Limited

Anil Singh

Head of Sales

13+ years of work experience

With expertise in GTM for multiple startups, Nikhil is a known name in the startup world for sales funnels.

Nikhil Gaur

Nikhil Gaur

Operations Executive

2+ years of work experience

The powerhouse of MindSmith, she is an IIT Mandi Alumni, MA Psychology grad, and an avid learner.

Manisha Aggarwal

Manisha Aggarwal

Customer Relationship Manager

7+ years of work experience

Trained by IHM Shimla, he has worked in front office with Marriott and Crowne Plaza.

Ishan Sharma

Ishan Sharma


1+ years of work experience

A Boston University graduate, she has worked with Sukoon, and now manages assessment and therapy at MindSmith.

Seher Vaderaa

Seher Vaderaa